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Figments of Fear: The Edge of Reflection Book 2

Figments of Fear: The Edge of Reflection Book 2

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Gabe is closer to catching up to his sadistic doppelganger, Cutter, but in a dark mirror world, it seems everyone and everything is hell-bent on stopping him. With demons, horrific creatures, and violent criminals lurking around every corner, Gabe finds that his friends, and the woman he's falling in love with, are paying too high a price in order to help him on his mission.

This book is 5.5x8.5 in size and approximately 308 pages with front and back matter. I did not use indents in these books as these were written a long time ago when I was adapting my books over from screenplays and trying to keep the same flow/style. As I continue on with the series (books 5 and on, they will look more like traditional novels).

Be advised: At one point, back when I first published this series, I published Twisted Mirrors (book 1) as a much larger novel. I decided to break it down into smaller books and created Figments of Fear as the 2nd book in the series. So, if you read that old, original book, you can skip this one and go straight to book 3, Seed of Sin. You would know if you had that original book. It was a large novel, well over 400 pages. It was also once published under the title Darkness of Man. I'm just throwing that out there so you don't re-purchase a book you might have already read.