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The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2

The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2

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This is a stand-alone story in the Diablo Snuff world. You do not have to read the other books in the series before this one.

Tobias, who writes under the pen name T.K. Tantrum, has received a special gift from his assistant. He's going to an author retreat where he will get the chance to sit and write at the desk of his fallen idol, Melvin Morose, a sick and demented horror writer who hanged himself in the very room in which Tobias will be working.

The Grand Georgina, the venue for the retreat, was once a stop on the Underground Railroad, but this hotel is much more than a haunted historical relic. It has become a sick and twisted playground for an evil, demonic company called Diablo Snuff.

If you read book 1, you know how horrific Diablo Snuff is. Just wait 'til you read this one.

Be advised: This is extreme horror with very graphic sex and violence. The book is 6x9 in size and approximately 225 pages with front and back matter.

If you'd like to read the Diablo Snuff books in the order they were written, read them in this order:

A Foreign Evil
The Grindhouse
Passion & Pain
Grad Night (not really a part of the Diablo Snuff world but does touch on it)
Slaughter Box
The Maddening