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Store Policy

Thank you so much for visiting and for trusting me to entertain you for a bit. I know most of the people shopping with indie authors/publishers understand we're small business owners. We're kind of a small crowd, and you take care of us. I know I can speak for most of the indie horror authors out there when I say we really appreciate it.

Returning a book to Amazon because the cover is dinged or scuffed or has a scratch on it, wouldn't hurt their bottom line much, but it would kill mine pretty quickly. 

Each book sold through my online store is ordered by me from an online publisher. When it arrives here, I sign it and do my best to package it in a way that will keep the book safe. Then I send it to you. Once it leaves my hands, and it's in the hands of the postal service, there's not much I can do about it.

For that reason, I will provide you with a tracking number, and you can contact the USPS if there are questions or concerns about your package. Any missing or late packages should be addressed with them.

I cannot and will not accept returns and will not do exchanges. I just simply can't afford it. I'm sure you understand.

Of course, if there is something wrong with your order that is my fault, like you received the wrong book or something of that nature, reach out and we'll discuss it. 

In the end, I want you to receive your order, read your books, love them, and come back for more. Thank you again for reading and for choosing to shop here at