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Passion & Pain: Diablo Snuff 3

Passion & Pain: Diablo Snuff 3

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This is a stand-alone story in the Diablo Snuff world. You do not have to read the other books in the series before this one.

It wasn’t anger. It was revenge of some sort, as if the whole world would one day be made to witness the magnificent beast she’d become. It was as if life had slapped her around and this was her way of grabbing it by the hair and saying, “Listen here you piece of shit. I’ve got this.”

Lucky is a typical frat boy. He lives to party. That is until he meets Natalia. She’s smart and whimsical with a wild side. She’s everything he’s ever desired all wrapped up in a beautiful package… until the tight, sparkling ribbon around that package begins to unravel.

Will Lucky and Natalia find their happily ever after, or will a sinister force tear them apart?

Two pen names collide to bring you one tale of romance and one of suspense/thriller. Told in two parts, read how Lucky and Natalia meet and fall in love. Then see how that love is tested… Carver Pike style.

Be advised: This is extreme horror with very graphic sex and violence. It is also a novella and because the book is so thin, there is no text on the spine. The book is 6x9 in size and approximately 108 pages with front and back matter.

If you'd like to read the Diablo Snuff books in the order they were written, read them in this order:

A Foreign Evil
The Grindhouse
Passion & Pain
Grad Night (not really a part of the Diablo Snuff world but does touch on it)
Slaughter Box
The Maddening